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Most adventurous and dangerous road in Nepal.

The most adventurous and dangerous road in Nepal. 
Karnali Highway: a true adventure
The Karnali Highway is one of the world's most hazardous highways, and it runs through Nepal's Karnali Region, northwest of Kathmandu. Due to the high rate of deadly accidents, the authorities have prohibited nighttime driving on this road.

The road, also known as H13, travels through a high mountain region and is primarily made of asphalt with occasional gravel parts. One of Nepal's easternmost developed regions is the Karnali area. The road has narrow sections, landslides, boulders, flooded areas, potholes, enormous drops, high cliffs, as well as a lot of dust and bumpiness. It is a hazardous route to travel because of the extremely tiny lane, lack of awareness among the general people and drivers, unsupervised animals on the roadways, and other factors. 

You'll be surprised to learn that a study on the Karnali Highway from the month of July 2011 claims that over 85% of the Karnali Highways are dangerous for travelers. All of these factors combine to make the Karnali Highway one of the most challenging, perilous, and frightening routes for drivers. Even though you might have a great time on your vacation, you must drive extremely carefully. The facts that were previously given before, such as the fact that nighttime driving is prohibited, might help you assess the level of danger on the road. This route gets more hazardous during the rainy season because to an increase in the number of landslides and other hazards.